F35 protest

Today's Politics news sponsored by:. But a coalition of protesters who have fought the basing for years continues to press the military to change its mind. Get notified about new VTDigger podcasts and multimedia projects in your inbox. Incity councils in Burlington, South Burlington and Winooski all voted for resolutions that requested the Air Force substitute a quieter plane. F opponents have long voiced concerns over the safety and noise effects of the new jet. But since those resolutions, military officials have consistently refuted that an alternative aircraft was an option.

But those efforts have not led to any changes from the military so far. Meanwhile, a coalition of protesters who have fought the basing for years continue to press the military to change its mind. Roseanne Greco: The plane is an immorality in and of itself.

It causes immoral consequences to human beings.

Retired Air Force officers arrested, cited for trespassing in Vermont F-35 protest

We know Senator Leahy is a good moral man. And we are hoping by pointing out the immoralities of this, that will prompt him to do the right thing. Every day this week, retired Air Force Col. Roseanne Greco has organized sit-ins at the office of Senator Patrick Leahy, who was instrumental in making Vermont one of the first locations for the F program. Greco and retired Lieutenant Colonel Roger Bourassa were ultimately arrested for refusing to leave the office. Greco told police that she was ready for this to happen.

Greco: When people take an act of civil disobedience, it elevates that conversation. Some people are willing enough to be put in handcuffs for something.

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But the move was just the latest in a years-long local campaign against the F over concerns about safety and noise. Since then, opponents have held rallies and filed lawsuits against the military. But last year they made their final major push for local politicians to take action.

And there had been a lot of discussion, advocacy, protest, leading up to that day — really years of work. Craven: When I first started researching the F and the basing process in Burlington, I just found that there had been so much reporting that came before me and so much work done by activists in the state to stop this.

Before the record of decision was announced in Decembermany Chittenden County residents flooded the Air Force with comments, advocating that the planes not come. There was a lot of deep analysis by Roseanne Greco and some of her fellow activists in analyzing this very dense, hundred page Environmental Impact Statement to point out some of the serious impacts of this should it come.

Greco [at protest]: The facts prove that military aircraft basing decisions can be reversed….However, the group refused to leave the office after a lengthy discussion with Leahy state director John Tracy about the merits of the basing.

You'll never miss a story with our daily headlines in your inbox. A pro-F group is also taking steps to promote the jets with their arrival imminent. The F opponents, led by retired Col. Internal Air Force documents show Leahy and his staff had a major role in the basing decision, VTDigger reported in Leahy has denied playing an outsized role, and Tracy reiterated this during his discussions with the protesters over the past two days.

After Greco and retired Lt. Tracy spoke to Sargent and Paige in the hallway before welcoming them into the office when the two agreed to leave when the office closed.

Sargent and Paige spoke with Tracy for around an hour before leaving without incident after the office closed on Tuesday. But the group refused to leave the office after discussing the issue with Tracy until p. The arrests took place between and 8 p. Wednesday, Greco said. Stay on top of all of Vermont's criminal justice news.

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Nicole Citro, organizer of Green Ribbons for the F, speaks at a press conference. VTDigger: News in pursuit of truth. VTDigger regularly publishes stories about Vermont politics. Jasper Craven covers politics for VTDigger.

Elizabeth Hewitt covers the criminal justice system for VTDigger.Two retired Air Force officers were arrested this week after a sit-in protest at Sen. The pair demanded a delay in the arrival of F fighter jets at the Vermont Air National Guard base at Burlington International Airport, according to local media reports. The Vermont Air Guard is poised to accept its first F jet later this month. Retired Col. Rosanne Greco and retired Lt.

Roger Bourassa were armed with a list of demands they want Leahy to approve as they headed into his office an hour before closing Monday, NBC 5 reports.

They have requested public hearings on the matter. Greco served in the Air Force from to as an intelligence officer, according to Air Force Personnel Center records.

Her last duty station was Fort Meade in Maryland.

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For more newsletters click here. After she retired, she served as a city councilor for South Burlington, according to the Burlington Free Press. During her time on the city council, she was an outspoken critic of basing F jets in Vermont.

He was an Air Force Academy liaison officer for 13 years before retiring. The Vermont native took part in the invasion of Lebanon in and flew wartime transport missions to Vietnam.

He also served as a navigator on a variety of fighter planes, including the F Scorpion and F Voodoo, according to Seven Days.

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Multiple media outlets have reported that Leahy actively sought to influence the basing process, but Leahy has rejected those claims. Despite her arrest, Greco was at it again Tuesday and Wednesday to protest, according to local media reports.

She has also come under scrutiny from former military service members for wearing her Air Force service uniform on Monday and Tuesday, NBC 5 reported. Greco and Bourasso are slated to appear in court next Thursday, according to the Associated Press. The Vermont Digger reports four others were arrested Wednesday evening for unlawful trespass as part of an F protest.

Diana Stancy Correll. Thanks for signing up! Fear of missing out? Thanks for signing up. About Diana Stancy Correll.Rosanne Greco, left, and Roger Bourassa, center, were both cited for unlawful trespass outside the office of Sen.

f35 protest

Retired Air Force Col. Their demonstration joins a movement against the basing of F jets at Burlington International Airport. The planes are expected to arrive this month. They carried a list of six demands they hoped the senator would sign, directing the U. Air Force to delay the arrival of the F until all conditions are met. Department of Defense provides detailed information on the nuclear role of the F Air Force officials and to his constituents, and pushed the Air Force to falsify the level of support for F basing in Vermont, among other offenses.

The document then cites harmful health effects associated with repeated exposure to F noise, the possible negative impact of F noise on home values and how noise levels could potentially make some homes unsuitable for residential use, forcing some people to move out of the area. The document also cites the plane itself as immoral. It notes that the aircraft perpetuates militarism and war, validates nuclear weapons and siphons money away from human needs, among other factors.

Tracy listened to their one-minute speech on the immoralities of the F basing at Burlington International Airport, took their list of demands and other documents, then departed. Roughly 45 minutes later, he returned to read a prepared statement that said the Air Force did a comprehensive job, that there were some people for the basing, some against it, and that the F would not carry nuclear weapons, Greco said.

Tracy noted that Leahy would oppose the basing if it entailed a nuclear mission, she added. He then asked Greco and Bourassa to leave, adding that it was possible he might have time to meet with them the following day. The days of meeting are long over. We want action.

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Burlington Police arrived on scene at about 6 p. There was no struggle, he said. They entered the office and sat down with the duo for about 30 minutes. They left the building with officers, without handcuffs, and were cited for trespass. I like to stay behind the scenes. Reliable news and information is vitally important.

Protests continue as F-35 arrival nears

Your communities. With some assistance from loyal readers, community organizations, foundations and other funders, we hope to keep reporters on the job keeping you informed. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to our local journalism fund. Thank you for your support. Log In. Keep it clean.Queen, of the Safe Skies Clean Water Wisconsin Coalition, said the group, which has already distributed 1, yard signs, wanted to hold an event to rally support and build momentum before the weather turns colder.

A final environmental impact statement is expected in February Rebecca Kemble, former District 12 Ald. Addressing the crowd, Pycha-Holst of Solidarity Realty questioned the economic arguments for the F plan. He asserted that the true value of the affected homes is likely ten times that. He said the effects will be felt not just by those who live near the airfield. Not the military. Madison taxpayers, even all you fellas on the west side.

Queen said that loss in property values will also have personal consequences for residents. While the U. Vermont U. Patrick Leahy pushed for the Fs despite local opposition, and Burlington became the first residential community in the U. They have to be strong. And we need to make sure they think real hard. Her building was made up of retired veterans, people with disabilities, working families and children.

She glanced around the Capitol rotunda at the mostly white crowd. No decision is final until we say so. Even those in power will make a decision, but we get to decide by our actions and our inactions if we accept that decision.

If we do this again in the spring, it will be 10, people wherever we do it. You have my promise. View previous campaigns. Edit Close. Share this. Capellaro hopes that protests will raise awareness among community members.

Sign up for Cap Times newsletters: Email Address:. Newsletters: Morning Update: daily news update Week in Review: weekly recap of top headlines Madison Life: weekly arts and lifestyle update Opinion Roundup: op-eds and columns sent three times a week Campaign Notes: weekly politics update to help navigate this election cycle.Seven people gathered outside of his office building at p.

The protesters gave him a list of their concerns and asked him to send it Leahy and have him to sign it. Tracy told them the senator will not be signing it and that he believes the Vermont National Air Guard has been and will continue to be good neighbors. Protesters also expressed frustration with Leahy, saying he has been unresponsive to them since he took office. They were upset when they arrived at his office and the door was locked.

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Rosanne Greco, a retired U. I matter diddly-squat to him. There are no facilities in Vermont to store nuclear weapons, and Senator Leahy would not support any such mission. Leahy was in Washington, D.

F-35 Protest

Friday Football Frenzy. Contact Us. Meet the Team. Order Channel 3 News Stories. Stream News Live and On Demand. RSS Feed. National Politics. Submit Photos and Videos. Across the Fence. F opponents again protest at Leahy's office. By Erin Brown. Published: Sep. Share on Facebook. Email this link. Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. Share on LinkedIn.

f35 protest

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f35 protest

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