X plane 11 4k textures

X-Plane 11 is one of the most popular virtual flight programs. And, most often than not, offers some of the most authentic virtual flight experiences on the market. Part of that experience is the scenery, and how real or authentic it looks. And remember, as these add-ons are continually becoming available, we will continue to update this page and tell you about them — so make sure you bookmark it and check in regularly with us.

It is perhaps worth noting and remembering before we continue, as is the case with all of the files and mods listed on this page for X-Plane 11, they are only compatible with this particular program. All of the files, mods, and expansions listed in this article are freeware - completely free to download and use.

As the article is quite lengthy, you can jump to the sections easier by using the jump links below:.

BEAUTIFUL Sunset Cockpit Landing in Honolulu Hawaii - X-plane 11 4K 60fps

This will bring the hills, mountains and general deviations in terrain to life. This is not a scenery pack as such, it simply lays the correct "ground" before you apply the photorealistic scenery packs. As we will examine as we move along, there are slight differences in what the actual terrain and scenery available do.

With that in mind, then, we will look at the specifics of the HD version of the download, and then point out the changes of the UHD version. So, what are you going to be getting if you choose to download and install this fourth version of the global scenery add-ons? The HD version offers news sections of Eastern European terrain, which in turn leads to parts of Israel on one side, and Russia on the other. Furthermore, other sections of Europe, including the Canary Islands and Iceland are also covered.

The North American continent also features revamped sections of the United States including significant improvements in Alaska as well as in Canada, and the Central and some of the South American continent. The Himalayas are completely transformed from previous versions, and further improvements can be found around Japan and the Pacific Islands, as well as the waters and islands around Australia.

x plane 11 4k textures

Overall, the add-on offers generally better detail on landmarks, mountains, fields flatlands and roadways. Even the rivers and waterways are also much more detailed.

This add-on is very much worth the time to install.

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And remember, it is a project in motion meaning that there will be plenty more add-ons and updates in the near future. The files are separated into "tiles" so there are around tiles for the HD version and 11 tiles for the UHD version.This tutorial will walk through the creation of a basic paint job for an aircraft file in Plane Maker.

This tutorial assumes familiarity with the Plane Maker interface, and it references the aircraft file created from scratch in the basic aircraft creation tutorial. Plane Maker can be used to overlay a 2-D image on a 3-D aircraft model. For this tutorial, we will apply a very simple and ugly paint scheme to our example aircraft. In the window that appears shown in the image belowyou can click and drag the flashing red boxes to change which area of the currently non-existent image will be used for each part.

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Move between each part of the aircraft using the tabs at the top of the window. For now, our biggest concern is making sure that none of these parts overlap one another accidentally. Note that you can but do not have to use the same area of the image for both the left and the right side of each part.

Airport Layout Enhancement Solution

Note also that you can check the use second texture box, which will force X-Plane to look for a second image for that part of the aircraft. It will also automatically name them properly. Note that in order for Plane Maker and X-Plane to find the image textures, they must keep this name. Note that images used with an aircraft file should have dimensions in pixels that are a power of two.

For instance, the image could have a resolution of xxxand so on, with a maximum resolution of x The image should be saved as a PNG. The files that Plane Maker outputs will abide by these rules. Now that the starting-point PNGs have been created, open them in your image editor of choice.

While it is possible to use photos of a real aircraft to create these textures, doing so is beyond the scope of this tutorial for information on this, see the Creating Photo-Real Paint Textures tutorial.

Instead, we used our image editor to create simple textures based on solid colors. You will probably have to go back and forth between modifying and saving your image in your graphics editor and viewing it in Plane Maker. Here is our completed basic texture which is also included in the aircraft package download in the introduction :.

A livery is a second set of paint textures, which can be selected in X-Plane by opening the Open Aircraft dialog from under the Aircraft menu and choosing among the livery options in the bottom right box. Note that you must use the same placement of the aircraft parts in each of your liveries; that is, the fuselage, wings, wheels, etc.Hello Guest, Login.

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Quantity Add to Cart. Smith, the father of the famous Aero Commander. The legendary designer created the original Aerostar as a no-compromises personal speed machine. This airplane set multiple speed records for piston aircraft, the variant still holds the land closed speed record for a production piston twin.

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Its amazing slick design and its two muscle engines bring it to stunning performances. Get ready for powerful flights! The variant you can get here is the Aerostar Pturbocharged and pressurized. Fully functional 3D cockpit Custom menu containing checklists, weight management, cabin altitude calculator, maintenance, stats, options Custom instruments Custom pressurization system Custom animations Disengageable system for saving parameters between flights Customizable documents holder read your charts, checklists Keep your aircraft up-to-date with SkunkCrafts auto-updater Easy to use nothing to do, really As usual, updates will be free of charge for customers More pictures here.

Version 1.

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x plane 11 4k textures

What are the best visual mods out there right now? I want to make my game look amazing, like some of the screenshots I see. So basically, 4k textures for all aircraft, better clouds and weather, lighting, water, ground, 3d assets, ect ect So, what are your favs, and what would you recommend? Mostly classical aircraft, nothing too modern please. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments.

What resolution and setup are you flying? Many of the screenshots I take are simply upsized from what I usually fly, so whilst they look amazing, I only end up with 5fps as I take the screenshots.

x plane 11 4k textures

Kosmozuikis View Profile View Posts. Even default planes look great so no need for payware if you care about looks only.

You can find a list of everything i have installed on my profile. But please - don't install it all. Guys, why do you always try to install three million plugins, and then write about low performance?

Originally posted by Kosmozuikis :. Originally posted by kitsunelegendXx :. T View Profile View Posts. Any of theese good in VR Draco? Originally posted by Mr. So, I installed a couple of them, very nice stuff Anything for that? Like, higher res textures for the MD, the, ect? Last edited by Kosmozuikis ; 3 May, am. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 1 May, am. Posts: Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. View mobile website.A quick note on This is mostly useful for aircraft that are generating a lot of plugin-based dynamic texture effects. Cockpit Objects. Before X-Plane In X-Plane This feature means that, starting with This means you can create multiple editions of your aircraft e.

You are still required to put all of your manipulators and camera-stopping surfaces in a single cockpit object. Now you have complete control over which object that is. Panel texture may be used in any aircraft-attached object; this is true for all of X-Plane 11 and some X-Plane 10 versions.

Is the new shaders you use in Hi Ben, How do I request the privet beta and what are the requirements to be a part of the group? Thank you. Or is this simply an enhancement necessary for the new shared cockpit object paradigm? Cockpit obj: Now can be located anywhere ie. ANY airplane-attached object can map the panel texture — this is true for all of v11 and I think some v10 updates too. Great news regarding panel size!

Will we be able to use multiple cockpit objects too? So if I interpret it correctly in Can you foresee Xplane performance being helped with DLSS and do you see it being implemented in a future patch? Thanks a lot Ben for the update. I am also keen to know if DLSS will be supported in an upcoming patch. Also, please integrate native Leap Motion support ASAP as this will truly distinguish this platform from its competitors. This is possible today through brute force—first, submit all the commands to draw the left eye to the GPU, then submit all the commands for the right eye.

With Vulkan 1. The Addition of 4k support is — as though simple to implement from a technical point of view — having a huge visual impact. When I watch youtube on p i never go back to p equally wise, when getting used to 4k, one can never go back to 2k. This monitor is available now and is pinnacle of industry at the moment.

In short, we badly need 4k support due to the above reasons, and also due to our expectation from It is know for a fact that those who have new graphics cards will use these higher resolutions, but at least, the road is paved to bring the sim into the next level.

I really wonder how would a two nvlinked rtx Ti perform on The panel. The has stupidly huge screens, which can only look any good at that kind of resolution.Hello Guest, Login. Availability: Not for Sale. Will be back on sale after the update. The Antares 20E is a modern high-performance open class glider. It is a self-launching motor glider with a kW electric motor and lithium-ion batteries.

It can climb up to 10 ft on a single battery charge, without any loss of power with altitude. Vne kts. Fully functional Virtual 3D cockpit Fully animated : mast, engine, window, canopy, gear, pilot, all levers, switches.

x plane 11 4k textures

Panoramic windshield with reflections Many custom sounds : air flow, electric engine, canopy, window, flaps, ground roll, voice, etc Smooth animation of the wings for realistic look and feel. Designed for high-altitude flights Includes oxygen bottle, manometer, oxygen mask and breathing sounds. Version 1. Added full X-Plane 11 support default. Adding an oxygen system for high-altitude flights.

With bottle, manometer, oxygen mask and sound breathing. New indicator for ballast quantity integrated EIS. Fixed the ballast management: now the dump rate is more realistic thank you Yoyoz for the new script. New airflow sound enhanced by SASL script. Removed alert ''ft'' for ridge lift.

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Some improved textures with specular effect. Fixed engine electric consumption. Recently Viewed Items.Handicap is applied to final corner count for each team to determine handicap winner.

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